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Helpful Tips

moving boxes on a dolly

Plan ahead.
Keep a lock on your unit at all times.
Check on your unit frequently to make sure it is secure.
Check to see if your insurance will cover the contents in your unit.
Don't store food, flammable, explosives, or illegal substances in your unit. 
  Prepare your space by placing a protective tarp on the floor under your goods.
  Tables with removable legs should be broken down to allow for more space.
  Dishes and glasses should be wrapped in bubble wrap and marked 'fragile'.
  Label boxes on all sides to easily find what your looking for.                              
  Tape boxes and stack heavier boxes on bottom.                                    
  Place items that you may need to access often in the front.                                   
  Wrap furniture in blankets.
  Create an aisle down the middle of your unit for easy access.
  If possible, pack small appliances and electronics in its original box.
  All wood products should have paper or cardboard placed underneath
     them before stacking to protect against scratches, chips, etc.
  Drain all fluids prior to storing lawn mowers or any other motorized equipment.
  Take advantage of furniture with drawers.  This is a convenient place to store small items, toys, linens, etc.
All locations have 24-hour access
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Payment Options

Money Order/E-Check

Make payments online with your email and assigned password. You may also schedule your check/card payment to be automatically deducted monthly on your due date.

Our Franklin & Lafayette locations conveniently offers a self serve kiosk on site for 24/7 rental and payment processing.

Business Hours:

Monday-Saturday: 9 a.m.-6 p.m.
Sunday: Closed
Our office is closed on all major holidays.